Posting these here just to show off my elite times… Or to show you that not everyone is elite and has the ability to run fast or even medium so whatever your time don’t worry about it.  There are going to be people faster and people slower.   Just keep moving and you’ll be okay.

Current PRs –

1 Mile – 8m 42s (unofficial)*

4K – 32:37 Trail Run 2017

5K – 27:42 Sweetheart 5K 2018

5M – 1:11:17 Trail Run 2017

10K – 1h 03m 00s Zoon 2017 (Official)

10K – 1h 05 35s (Unofficial*) 9/10/2017

Half Marathon – 2:27:04 Route 66 Marathon 2017

Marathon – 5:30:xx Little Rock Marathon 2018

Unofficial PR’s mean that this is based off the timing on my Stryd and is faster than my last official race times which can be found below.  I calibrate my Stryd every couple of months by going to a fixed distance track (400 meters) and running 16 laps and confirming that each lap measures +/- 5 meters of 400 and that the total distance run has a less than 1% variation give or take a meter.

Longest Consecutive Distance –

26.3 miles – March 4th 2018

Race Times –

November 12th 2016 – Run With The Pride 5K  – 39m 53s
First 5k run in the last 25 years.   Ran solo.

November 17th 2016 – Route 66 5K – 39m 17s
Ran with a friend who was nice enough to slow down for me, far too many hills on this run.

November 25th 2016 – Turkey Trot – 38m 59s
Ran with a friend, more stupid hills.

December 17th 2016 – Rudolph Run – 34m 43s
Cold as all out hell, below freezing. Ran solo.  Last leg was a loooong slow incline into the cold wind.   It’s my firm belief this course was laid out short.  3 different GPS devices all registered 3.0 miles and it looked like the turn around was possibly not quite as far down as it should have been.   Also this was a solid 4 minute time cut in barely 3 weeks time. You be the judge but 34:43 was the official time so I’m leaving it here.

January  21st 2017 – Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long 5k – 34m 43s
Yes this time is the same as the Rudolph Run, fairly flat course and a month later and yet… it’s the same time.  Just more ammo in my opinion the Rudolph was laid out short.  Go figure.

February 18th 2017 – Sweetheart Run Double  (5K + 10K)
5K – 42:58
10K – 1:33:07
Ran this with a friend and this was his first 5k and he was still in the middle of his 5k training.   He chose to run the double with me.  So as soon as we finished the 5k we headed through the start of the 10K.   These are his times more than mine but they’re also my official times so I’m posting them.

March 5th 2017 – Trail Madness Trail Run 4K – 32m 37s
First time running a trail run and the race came after a 2 hour training run so the time is what it is.   There were a couple of very steep climbs that dropped the pace to a slow walk as I picked my way up them and several technical sections that required a slower pace to find decent lanes through the rocks.  As practice and experience come into play I imagine my average pace will go down.  It would also help not to have finished a 15K training run minutes before this 4K run.   But it was a training day so whatcha gonna do.

April 1st 2017 – Aquarium Run 10K – 1h 8m 0s
First 10K I was running my own pace.  Did exactly what I planned on getting at an hour and 8 minutes.  Yes it’s not fast but its the fastest longest I’ve done yet so I’ve got that going for me.   I also PR’d my 5K time with the first half of the race by a few seconds.  Given how I felt over the course of this race I believe I can cut at least a minute maybe two off my 5K time in the near future if I had a race to run.  Which I don’t.

April 29th 2017 – Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon – 2h 39m 18s
My first half! Did not do quite as good as I planned but close enough to call it a win.  The race went well up until the last couple of miles where I just ran out of gas and had to walk a block or so a couple of times to get the old heart rate down and some energy recovery going on.

May 5th – Cinco De Mayo 5k – 31m 18s
First evening race after a work day.  This was also just 5 days after my first half marathon so I’m hoping my time is slower than I was hoping as a result of that expenditure.  And I was right, I cut 3 minutes off my last official 5K PR.

May 6th – Warrior Dash 5k (first run) – Not Timed
Ran my first Warrior Dash today.  But not my last as I ran it a second time later.  Super fun time.  I ran between obstacles then waiting for others to show up so I could film them. 🙂

May 6th – Warrior Dash 5k (second run) – Not Timed
And my second Warrior Dash!  Same day as the first one!  Same as the first one.  Ran between obstacles then waited for others to show up so I could film them.

May 20th 2017 – Fleet Feet Marathon – Half Marathon – 2H 38m 4s
My second half marathon.  Cut 70 seconds give or take off my first half marathon 3 weeks ago.   Serious major knee issues that required prescription pain killers to let me finish the race.   So I’m kind of happy with the results given the situation.

July 4th 2017 – Fleet Feet Firecracker Run – 5K – 42m 28s
My first race after my injuries and ran with a friend who’s just starting out.  Since this was a slow one, not much to say other than it was a fun race, running slower than you can allows you the time and energy to take a look around at the world as it goes by.

August 5th 2017 – Fleet Feet Bedlam Run 10K – 1H 09M 35S
Ran this with my running wife, not real happy with the results.  It’s faster than I was thinking it would be but not as fast as I was hoping.   Hilly terrain early on kind of ate my lunch on this one and kept me from making a PR.

August 18th 2017 – Fleet Feet Furnace 5k – 32M 11S
Was trying for a PR on this one, running with my running wife and just couldn’t make it happen.  First two miles were going well lower 9 minute miles but mile 3 I just lost it and couldn’t keep it going.  A little disappointing.

September 4th 2017 – Fleet Feet Escape From Turkey Mountain 5 Mile-  1H 11m 17s
First trail race after my injuries in May.  And I caught a rock and took a nose dive twice on it.  And not during the technical sections but during the kind of flat and easy sections.  Came away with trail hickies on both elbows and knees and a bit of a torn back muscle which is less than enjoyable.  Given the number of times we had to walk due to congestion on the trails, my two tumbles and the fairly sloped sections that put us back to a scramble pace I’m fairly happy with the time on this one.

September 16th 2017 – Fleet Feet Q – 5K –  42m 11S
Ran this with a friend.

September 16th 2017 – Fleet Feet Q – Quarter Marathon – 1H 15m 00s
First quarter marathon.  Not a great time but not bad given I’d already run a 5K that morning.

October 21st 2017 –  Pumpkin Holler – 25K – 3H 498m 54s
This one literally almost killed me.  Ended up with Rhabdo afterwards due to pushing far more than normal and ripping up my quads on the hills.  A lot of elevation for someone who isn’t used to elevation.

October 28th 2017 – Tulsa Run – 5K –  54m 0s
Walked this with a friend.

October 28th 2017 – Tulsa Run – 15K –  1H 53m 40s
Ran this one injured but with friends so it was a fun race regardless.

November 18th 2017 – Route 66 – Half-  2H 27m 13s
Ran walked this with at 9 minute run, 1 minute walk cycle.  Cut 11 minutes off my last PR time. Felt good up until mile 12 at which point things started to go sideways although end the end my last mile was among the faster of the sets.

November 24th 2017 – Fleet Feet Turkey Trot 5K –  29m 52s
Stupid cold, new PR.  Walked the up hills of which there was a considerable amount.   Not thrilled with the time though.

December 16th 2017 – Rudolph Run – 5K –  40m 15s
Ran this with friends who are just starting out.   Slow times.  Cold as balls but not super cold.

December 31st 2017 – Race into the New Year – 5K –  30m 15s
Stupid cold.  Negatives with the wind chill.  Not super happy with the time.  Felt I could have done better but it had been a very long week.  6 miles on Saturday, 15 miles that Sunday morning and then the 5K that evening.