Editorial: That’s no ordinary rabbit…

Editorial: That’s no ordinary rabbit…

Gnash Gnash

Rabbit has deigned to occasionally participate in our little running blog.  In spite of her unassuming attitude and modesty, she’s a #realrunner and has been running Ultra’s for a very long time.

I’ve cyber stalked her records and frankly she’s a #badass.  No she’s not Stephanie Howe but she finishes strong and quite frequently ends up in the top 25%.

We met quite by accident, she was the Project Manager for an professional services team that my company employed to help get us through a M&A that frankly I had no resources to deal with internally in our company.

I had to go out to California for reasons I won’t go into but we’d talked over the phone quite a fair bit before that obviously, almost daily for other reasons I’ll refrain from.  I’d bought a pair of Altra Lone Peak 2.5’s about a month before (cheap as they were the year before model) and while I enjoyed them the heel cup was too loose for me on ascents and it always felt like I was on the verge of popping out. But they were otherwise comfortable and I liked the coloring so I took to wearing them as my casual daily shoes.

So I show up and head into a meeting room and the first thing she commented on was my shoes and asked if I ran.  One of the things I’ve noticed is a #realrunner could see someone naked in shoes and they’d check out the shoes first.

So out came the story of how I was trying to become someone who maybe kinda sorta ran sometimes in a #notarunner way and we’ve kept in touch ever since even after our year long project was over.

Rabbit’s been quite a joy of running comradeship and if she’s any indication of the ‘normal’ ultra runners of California, they’re a great bunch just by extrapolation.

A couple or three weeks ago Rabbit and Bunny got to run trails together and Bunny was quite effusive about how much fun it was.

One of these days there’s hope that the three of us will manage to be in the same place at the same time and get to get dusty or muddy together, depending on how much moisture in the air there is at the time.



RAbbit Posted on2:28 pm - Aug 20, 2018

If nothing else, we’re going to target your future 100 miler to get together. 😉 Hopefully the stars will align before that though. (cough-cometoCalifornai-cough)

    TREX Posted on7:23 pm - Aug 22, 2018

    I’m holding you to that. It’s in print on the internet so now it can’t ever be taken back.

RAbbit Posted on10:00 pm - Aug 23, 2018

You should know me better than that sir! I say nothing I cannot back up. 😉