Pre-Race Packing….

Pre-Race Packing….

42 days and counting till we’re on a plane to Moab Utah.  Technically a couple of planes to get there.   All our travel races so far have been in cars where we have the luxury of bringing pretty much the kitchen sink with us.

Trying to keep things to carry-on luggage means we have to be a little more select in what we bring.  Trying to bring two pairs of shoes (Altra Olympus 4.0 and Altra Lone Peak 3.5’s) along with Oofo recovery flip flops is an imposing start to the pile I started today.  Since I can’t run trying to recovery my feet I’m taking the time to work on seeing how well things pack.

So take those three footwears and add 2 long sleeve shirts (temps will range from 30 at the start to 50 at the height of the day), two shorts (Altra 2.0’s), 2 pairs of socks (Injini), 2 Halos, compression tights (Recovery UX), a pair of uber soft sweat pants, an after race shirt, coming home shirt, socks.  The doubles are because well while I’ve never had a problem, I don’t want to end up running naked because of an GI issue from some unknown foods.

Now let’s talk gear – VaporKrar vest, bladder, soft bottles, FAK, meds, wet wipes, go pro, gimbal, batteries.

Then there’s the fuel bags – Single serve nut butters, Ultima, SaltStik Chewables.   We’ll also pick up some Carb Balance low carb tortillas and PB to make real food for the run when we’re there.  Then whatever non-carb loaded food at the AS’s that looks good will provide additional calories.

My RW and I need to settle on attire, for our race firsts we’ve always ran as twinsies. We’re probably going to go with REI brand quarter zips.  They’re super soft and comfy, they’re lightweight so you can layer if you need to or pull the sleeves up and cool off.   They’re great shirts for cool weather running.

So 42 days out is probably a little early to be test packing but I feel like I have to be doing something since I can’t run.